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The most two dangerous strains of Plasmodium that accounts for the highest malaria mortality is Plasmodium Falciparum (p.fal) and Plasmodium Vivax (p.vivax).

When infected with Malaria, the patients might have fever-like symptoms. If not treated properly, the parasites will attack red blood cells and cause the patients to have anemia and jaundice, kidney failure, and more severely, coma or even death.

According to World Malaria Report 2015 released by World Health Organization (WHO), there were 214 million malaria cases in 2015, which leaded to 438,000 deaths. Most of the cases have occurred in the WHO regions, such as African region, South-East Asia Region, and Eastern Mediterranean Region. African region has been affected by Malaria the most, which accounted for more than 80% cases occurring majorly in sub-Saharan Africa. Pregnant woman and children under 5 are particularly vulnerable to Malaria.Malaria has been a global burden that needs intensive effort to be eliminated. In 2014, $1.9 billion international funding was raised to fight against Malaria.