Market Potiential

            According to WHO, the total number of Malaria RDT needed will exceed 1 billion test per year. For starting up, we are aiming to take over only 5% of the current market, which is equivalent to 50 million test per year. Our two main potential customers include non-profit organizations who have been trying to eliminate Malaria globally and heath care centers at epidemic site that also try to prevent Malaria spreading at local scale. A very small portion will contributed by personal health care.

            According to UNITAID 2014 report, the demand for Malaria Rapid Diagnostic test has dramatically increased globally from 45 million test in 2008 to be more than 205 million test in 2015. However, this number is still not satisfy the actual need of the market, which requires to be 1.4 billion tests for 2013 to 2016. The largest buyer for malaria RDT is the Global Fund, following by world wide or local non profit organizations. Therefore, our biggest customers will be Global Fund and WHO. Our end users would be health care providers at hospital or local clinics since they are the one who will directly perform the test on patients as well as informing the results. With quantitative read out, our device can help reduce the cost of US$403 million spending on malaria medicine just in 2014. Expenditure on RDTs took 9% out of the total of US$2.7 billion international funding in 2013, which resulted to US$151 million. However, procurement of malaria RDTs has raised more and more fundings over the past years , with US$446 million from Global Fund alone.